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Since the venture began, the company has been adhering to the "technology based on the market, in order to win the trust of service" business philosophy, as always, in a "simple, practical and efficient" development concept, the design of the more advanced features and higher productivity equipment, providing customers with the most useful products and the best service. We are willing to do long-term customers, cooperation, partnership-based customer's success is our own success, "through thick and thin, win-win cooperation" will be my company to provide long-term technical support purposes. In our opinion: 
Service is a culture, not only on behalf of a system, procedures should be integrated into the corporate culture to accept and adhere to all employees; 
Services from the user's needs. We continue to provide users with high-quality, efficient service, and increase self-service through a paid service hematopoietic system, improve service quality, while seeking services and improve service delivery, so that they derive the best benefits. 
We provide standardization, specialization, diversification, commercialization services to users. Standardization of services on behalf of norms, and professional quality of service representative, on behalf of diversified services, technology products represent different quality of service and value, customer satisfaction, as measured. 
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Services and commitments

Before buying the product, we will be a comprehensive analysis of the views and requirements and recommend it to the actual needs of customers with the most suitable products and let customers know that the performance characteristics of the selected product referred to in accordance with customers. 
In purchasing the products, we promise to allow customers to clearly know the completion of the product. In strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract terms of production, delivery, to ensure product intact and in place within the stipulated time to customer requirements. 
Product during the warranty period, under normal storage, maintenance, use, if quality problems, responsible for the free repair or replacement, and provide the relevant maintenance knowledge; as a result of improper use or damage caused by the product does not work normally, the Company provides paid service. Product warranty period is not, it will provide a paid service. 
The company promises: 
We highly value your feedback on the quality of information, all the information will be given to the quality of feedback responses; 
In accordance with the contract requirements for the installation, commissioning and training of technical personnel for the buyer sold the equipment. 
During the warranty period, except for man-made damage and force majeure factors, the device itself quality problems, maintenance service commitment. 
I provide long-term technical support, vendor outside the warranty period if you need on-site service, only pay the cost (within China). 
Our company has adequate supply of consumable buyer if requested to order spare parts, our company can provide timely.

Service Hotline

If you have any requirements for products and services and valuable advice, please contact us. 
Service telephone number :86-755-2331 6315, 2949 7125
Complaint Tel: 86-13316463074

Other Service -SMT OEM PCBA Service

Jaguar as a SMT equipment provider, we also build the SMT factory to provide foreign customers OEM PCBA services


1.pcb with smt,dip assembled 

2.Automative smt,AI lines for pcba 

3.AOI,X-ray test 

4.15 days lead time 

5.ROHS approved 


Welcome to visit Jaguar SMT Factory!

Our PCB board manufacture and PCB Assembly service

PCB board file with parts list provided by customers

PCB board made, circuit board parts purchased by us

PCB board with parts assembled

Electronic testing circuit board or PCBA

Fast delivery, anti-static package

RoHS Directive-compliant, lead-free

One stop service for PCB design, PCB layout, PCB manufacture, components purchasing, PCB assembly, test, packing and PCB delivery


PCB Assembly Capabilities


Prototype&Low Volume PCB Assembly,from 1 Board to 250,is specialty,or up to 1000

Type of Assembly


Solder Type

Water Soluble Solder Paste,Leaded and Lead-Free


Passive Down to 0201 size


Leadless Chip Carriers/CSP

Double-sided SMT Assembly

Fine Pitch to 0.8mils

BGA Repair and Reball

Part Removal and Replacement

Bare Board Size

Smallest:0.25*0.25 inches

Largest:20*20 inches

File Formate

Bill of Materials

Gerber files

Pick-N-Place file

Types of Service

Turn-key,partial turn-key or consignment

Component packaging

Cut Tape,Tube,Reels,Loose Parts

Turn Time

Same day service to 15 days service


Flying Probe Test,X-ray Inspection AOI Test

PCB assembly process

Drilling-----Exposure-----Plating-----Etaching&Stripping-----Punching-----Electrical Testing-----SMT-----WaveSoldering-----Assembling-----ICT-----Function Testing-----Temperature & Humidity Testing


Detailed Terms for Pcb Assembly

Technical requirement for pcb assembly:

1) Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology

2) Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603,1005,0201 components SMT technology

3) ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.

4) PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval

5) Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.

6) High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line

7) High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.


Quote requirement for pcb and pcb assembly: 

1)Gerber file and Bom list 

2)Clear pics of pcba or pcba sample for us 

3)Test method for PCBA


Production Details:

1) Material Management 

Supplier → Components Purchase → IQC → Protection Control → Material Supply → Firmware

2) Program Management 

PCB Files → DCC → Program Organizing → Optimization → Checking

3) SMT Management

PCB Loader → Screen Printer → Checking → SMD Placement → Checking → Air Reflow → Vision Inspection → AOI → Keeping

4) PCBA Management 

THT→Soldering Wave (Manual Welding) → Vision Inspection → ICT → Flash → FCT → Checking → Package → Shipment


Special Instructions: 

For the Initiative Components,we purchase them from original manufacturer or agents. As for Passive Components, we purchase from our local market to reach a competitive cost. but that don't mean we compromise to the low quality. 

Professional Teams,Skillful Technology,Competitive Price,High Quality,Superior After Service... Be your good partner!