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SMD Lead Free Reflow Oven Machine

Name A series lead-free reflow oven
Model Jaguar A4

A series Lead-free bentch top reflow oven with 4 heating-zones


1.The heating system is unique, advanced and long-life.
2.High efficiency and energy-save nickel cauterize heating pipe is used in heating system(replacement within one year), strong hot air cycle structure , making PCB and components heating equally, high efficiency and rapid heating speed.
3.The intelligent micro-computer precision controller (replacement within one year), through intelligent operation of PID, control heating automatically , temperature controlling function can detect the changing of temperature, and then make inner temperature stable by controlling. Modular design , easy to repair and assembly.
4.Import high temperature and high speed motor are used (replacement within one year), stable operation,small tremble and low noise.The efficiency be improved greatly, extending the using time. The heating system use import components to make sure high stability and reliability of all system.
5.Reliable and stable transmission system, stable operation driver, and the speed range is 0-2000mm/min.
6.stable operation special stainless steel net chain is durable and wearable. So it didn’t need to be change for a long time that can save cost.
7.Stable and reliable electronic controller system.
Technical Parameters:
model: Jaguar A4
Starting power: 10KW
Number of heating-zone: up four/bottom four
Normal working consume: 4KW
Length of heating-zone: 1400mm
calefactive time: About 20 minutes
Heating way: Independent and cycle full hot air
Temperature control range: Room temperature-400
Max width of PCB board: 300mm
Temperature control way: PID controlling
Transmission direction: left→right
Temperature precision: accuracy ±1
Transmission belt height: 800±20mm
Temperature disparity on PCB board:±2
Transmission speed:0-2000mm/min
Abnormity alarm: Temperature abnormity supper high or supper low temperature
Power supply:Five lines and three phase 380V 50/60Hz
dimension(mm): 2600×615×1400
Weight: 350KG
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