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The combination of the big, the strong is unstoppable

Good news! Congratulations to Shenzhen JAGUAR Automation Equipment Co., LTD. on the cooperation with Italy Cabelpiu Electronics | Cabel+ Srl after unremitting efforts and in-depth communication.

Italy Cabelpiu Electronics | Cabel+ Srl is a professional distributor that aims to provide quality products and services for local electronics manufacturers.

Shenzhen JAGUAR Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Lead-free Reflow Oven, Lead-free Wave Soldering and other electronic manufacturing equipment, aiming to provide reliable products and services for the world, products have been sold in 35 countries worldwide.

The two companines’ pursuit of product quality and service consciousness are highly consistent, which is the basis of our cooperation. Moreover, the atmosphere of the two companies is very similar. Both companies are open-minded, energetic, believe that the future is limitless.

To Italy customer, if you need reflow soldering, wave soldering and other equipment, please contact Cabelpiu Electronics | Cabel+ Srl, website: