Economic-type small wave soldering machine

Jaguar reflow solder oven F series

Jaguar Lead-free Reflow Oven F Series

JAGUAR  A8 Eight zones Reflow Soldering Machine

A Series Medium Size Reflow Oven

A6 Economic reflow Ovens A series

A6 Series lead-free reflow ovens

A5 five zones reflow oven

A series economic reflow ovens

Jaguar  Loader & unloader

SMT Automatic Loader & Unloader

Ten zones big size lead-free reflow oven F10

F series big size lead-free reflow oven

Semi-auto solder paste printer JAGUAR S400

Semi-auto solder paste printer

Semi-auto solder paste printer JAGUAR S1200

LED Semi-auto stencil printer JAGUAR S1200

smt pick and place machine with 40K cph for LED products

High Accuracy Automatic Stencil Printer

F400 High Accuracy Automatic Stencil Printer

High Accuracy Automatic Stencil Printer

F850 High Accuracy Automatic Stencil Printer

Automatic Stencil Printer

F1200 LED Tube Automatic Stencil Printer

T8 LED tube dispenser D800

Automatic Glue Dispenser for T8 LED Tube

Jaguar A4

A series lead-free reflow oven

Off-line A1000 AOI Machine

Jaguar Off-line AOI Inspection Machine A1000

On-line AOI Machine

Jaguar On-line AOI Machine A2000

4 Heads Pick and Place Machine

4 Heads Offline Automatic Pick and Place Machine


SMT Peripheral Equipment

Wave Soldering Unloader

Wave Soldering Unloader



Jaguar Automation Company Profile

Shenzhen Jaguar Automation Equipment Co., Ltd (referred to as "Jaguar") is a High-speed developing enterprise of High Precision Automatic lead-free Equipment such as reflow oven and wave soldering machine manufacturer, which specializes in lead free machine research and development.

As one of the well-known lead-free electronics equipment manufacturers in China, JAGUAR was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen.

With full implementation of the PID process, reliability design concept and reliability testing throughout the entire product line, The company insists on market demand, established offices in various provinces and cities in the country.

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