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SMT/SMD Pick and Place Machine

Name JB-E4-250 100K CPH high speed pick and place machine
Model JB-E4-250

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The largest and earliest manufacturer of fast pick and place machine in China.
JB-E4-250: Apply to 1m, 5m, 50m or any length LED soft strip. It can be mounted with chips and resistors at the same time.
1.60 nozzles,four models,four parts,15 nozzles for each part.
2.It's professional for LED strips(any length). 
3.Stable electronic feeders 
4.IPC9850 Capacity: 100000-130000 CPH(more multi-functional,efficient and intelligent)


JB-E4-250     Technical Parameter
1 Length*Width*Height 3450mm*1800mm *1700mm
2 Total Weight 2000kg
3 PCB Length Width 250mm*any length
4 PCB Thickness 0.5-1.5mm
5 PCB Clamping Adjustable pressure pneumatic
6 Mounting Mode Group picking and Group placing
7 Software Windows 7
8 Display LED Monitor
9 Input Device Keyboard,Mouse
10 No. of Camera 9 sets of imported camera
11 Position Camera Vision alignment + MARK correction
12 Mounting Precision ±0.02mm chip
13 Mounting Height 15±2mm
14 Mounting Speed 100000-130000 CPH(optimum)
15 Components LED chip 3014/3020/3528/5630/5050/5730/4014/2835 etc, resistor etc.
16 Components space 0.2mm
17 Power 220AC 50HZ
18 Power Consumption 7kw
19 Air Force 0.6mpa
20 Operating Environment 23ºC±3
21 Conveyor Transmission belt
22 Transmission Direction >300mm/s
23 Transmission Direction Single(left→right or right→left)
24 Transmission Mode Online drive
25 Air pressure >6.0kg/cm2
26 Air consumption <100 L/min
27 Electrical control Independent research and development
28 Motion control card module 2 sets Independent research and development
29 X,Y Axies Driving Servo motor
30 No. of feeder station 60PCS
31 No. of nozzles 60 nozzles
32 Feeder type Electronic feeder


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